What we do

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA From Monday morning when the children arrive until Friday afternoon when we say goodbye we are proud to offer young people a wonderful residential experience that has been fine-tuned over 20 years. 

During term time we are home to primary school children from all over Leeds.  We place particular emphasis on hosting schools whose children don’t normally have the opportunity for a residential holiday and all of the activities that go with it.  We are also delighted to report that other groups use our facilities time and time again during school holidays.  They may be special needs and disability groups to visiting groups like the Chernobyl Children UK Project, our doors are open to all children, no matter their ability, culture or race.  

Over the course of the week, each child has their own journey of discovery from learning to climb our indoor wall or the high-ropes to cycling through forest trails and night walks.  They are encouraged to push their boundaries whilst all the time being kept safe by our brilliant and experienced staff.


We offer the children hope, encouragement, time and lots and lots of space at Lineham, which is in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  They learn about respect and treating others kindly, team building, good manners, listening. These are all new life skills for them to take away with them.    They also learn all of the outdoor activities and about the importance of taking care of the environment.

Of course, with all of the outdoor activities the appetites soon increase and we have our very own Chef, Arlene, who orders only the best fresh ingredients so that they taste good old fashioned home cooking during their stay.  Arlene is quite possibly the children’s favourite member of staff!

Perhaps the real value of Lineham is that we ensure that thousands of children each year take away something that can’t be seen but is priceless, lasting childhood memories that they can cherish for years to come.