Climbing – Jacobs Ladder, Electron Ladder, traverse wall and eight separate pitches of varying grades to suit all abilities and needs.

Bushcraft – amazing opportunity to use our woodland to learn about surviving in the outdoors – fire lighting, shelter building, cooking own food

Cycling – using our amazing woodland paths, bumps and jumps children and young people can learn to ride and also increase their own experience in the outdoor environment

Archery – learn to shoot like Robin Hood indoors in our climbing barn

Animal Care – our unique farm offers children and young people to experience looking after and being with a number of different animals – this is a key experience for all children a& young people and is part of every residential.

Lineham Explorers – combination of animal care and woodland walk with an environmental theme

Orienteering – children and young people get to ruin some energy off around the site against each other, learning about map reading and working together as a team

Country Trail on and off site – self-explanatory the country trail again looks at map reading, having fun in the countryside, country code, walking and wildlife spotting – choice of onsite or off site

Team Games** – this is a great end to the week or time at Lineham and brings together all the skills the children and young people have learnt

Low Ropes** – our fantastic low ropes course has twelve different activities and is designed again for team work and listening skills. Really great activity to round your time off at Lineham

Heartstart** – brilliant session for young people to get a certificate to show that they can call someone in an emergency remain calm and understand what to do in a possible emergency situation.

Evening Games session** – our dedicated activity worker will come in and work with your school to deliver a fun evening of games for the children and young people.

Night Walk – very exciting start to your residential, the children and young people are taken on the night walk to start their week off in style through our woodland and around our fields – great for stargazing!

**Standard part of your programme all others can be mixed and matched