Around The Farm

The Farm is surrounded by fields, woods, wetlands (that’s lakes, ponds and marshes to you) and hundreds of different kinds of wildlife. To get the wildlife to stay, we’ve built bird boxes and nesting boxes, and habitat piles (that’s piles of wood, grasses and moss) for the insects, birds and rabbits to hang out in.

David Bellamy Wetland Visit 001Wetlands

Ever since David Bellamy opened the Wetlands Project in 2001, all kinds of plants and animals have moved in – herons, owls, tufted ducks, coots, moorhens anDragon fly wetlandd mallards. Not to mention dragonflies, crane flies, frogs and toads. (You’ll be an expert on all these creatures by the end of the week).

To get a better look, we go and sit in the log cabin – it’s like a hideout and keeps us well hidden. And with our super-cool web cams we can even zoom in on the wildlife without going anywhere near them – good news for when it’s raining.

Do you know what time of the year you are likely to see bluebells in our woodland? bluebell woods

ferns in boys handsWhilst you are out on a nature trail you will be able to collect some hedgerow treasures of your own!

In Autumn you may find some bright red toadstoolstoadstools