10 things to consider when choosing your wedding venue

Choosing the venue for your special day is a big decision with lots of factors to consider. We recommend narrowing down your search by selecting some non-negotiable criteria and then visiting the venues that make your shortlist.

To help you get started, here are some things you should consider when selecting a venue.

1. Location

Do you want to get married in the UK or somewhere further afield? If you’re staying in the UK, do you want to keep it local or is getting the perfect venue more important than being close to home?

There are advantages to staying local, especially if your family and friends all live close by, but if your dream venue is the other side of the country, don’t let this put you off. Most wedding venues have an experienced team who can help you plan your wedding remotely, ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day.

2. Venue size and type

Some venues have a guest limit, so if you are planning a huge affair, you will need to find somewhere with a big capacity. Alternatively, you might want to go for an outdoor wedding or choose somewhere that can accommodate a large marquee.

If your guest list is nearer to 80 than 800, this will definitely give you more flexibility, but you’ll probably still have an idea of what type of venue or setting you’d like – church, barn, farm, woodland, castle, yurt, courtyard, countryside, beach.

If you’ve got your heart set on a specific theme, then you’ll want to choose a venue that allows you to bring your vision to life.

3. Exclusivity

 It’s not unusual for some venues to have two or more weddings running at the same time or over the same weekend. If you’d rather have the place to yourself, then look for a venue that offers exclusivity.

At Lineham Farm, for example, you and your guests have exclusive use of the venue from the Friday until the Sunday of your wedding weekend, meaning you have more time to relax with your guests and don’t have to share the space with other wedding parties or the general public.

4. Accommodation

If you or your guests don’t live near your chosen venue, then you’ll want somewhere with onsite accommodation or plenty of accommodation nearby.

Check availability for the night before your wedding as well as the night of your wedding – if other events are happening around the time of your wedding, they may already have the best rooms booked out.

5. Transportation and parking

 If your ceremony and reception are taking place at separate venues, then you might want to provide transportation for your guests. Wedding busses can be a fun way of keeping the celebrations in full flow and ensuring you don’t lose any guests between venues.

If you aren’t providing transport for your guests, find out what options there are for parking near your venue and let your guests know in advance. You don’t want cars getting towed during the ceremony or guests arriving late because there wasn’t a parking spot nearby.

6. Photography

 Your wedding day will fly by, but your photos will last forever. It might not be your top priority, but it is worth thinking about how photogenic your venue is.

Are there some outdoor spaces your photographer can utilise? How can you create the perfect backdrop for your ‘just married’ photoshoot? Are there any out of bounds areas if your venue isn’t exclusive to you?

7. Restrictions

Before you book your venue, check you understand what you can and can’t do. Some venues won’t allow you to use outside caterers. Others have curfews or time limits on the bar and music. You might also be restricted when it comes to decorating your venue – some venues won’t allow you to hang bunting or stick anything to the walls.

If you want to bring your own alcohol, hire your favourite band, or have that ice cream van outside, make sure your venue allows it. And if you want to party into the early hours of the morning, choose a venue that doesn’t have any curfews (like Lineham Farm).

8. Catering and bar

Some venues are very strict about catering and insist you select one of their set packages. If you want a bit more flexibility when it comes to food and drink, that might rule some venues out.

Perhaps you want something more relaxed than a sit-down meal like a picnic or a hog roast. Maybe you want to bring in a fish and chip van or have a Prosecco station. If you have a specific idea for what you want, make sure your venue can accommodate your requirement.

9. Cost

The venue is often the biggest wedding cost, especially if it includes catering and accommodation, so be realistic about your budget before you begin your search.

If your dream venue is a little out of your price range, consider getting married outside of peak season, as many venues offer lower prices at these times.

When you do decide on a venue, make sure you’re clear on what’s included in the price – you don’t want to get caught out by hidden costs or extra charges.

10. Social impact

Can you have your dream day and make a difference in your community?

This isn’t something that makes it to the top of many wedding lists, but now we’re bringing it to your attention, you might want to consider it.

Some couples make a donation to charity in place of buying wedding favours. Others ask for donations instead of gifts.

But when you get married at Lineham Farm, you can make an even bigger difference. All the money raised from our wedding venue hire goes straight back into our children’s charity to help disadvantaged children make happy memories of their own.

Weddings at Lineham Farm

Lineham Farm really is a blank canvas for you to transform into your dream wedding venue. Our standard package includes exclusive venue hire and accommodation from the Friday until the Sunday of your wedding weekend, plus we have a whole range of optional extras on offer.

If you’d like to see for yourself why Lineham Farm is one of the most flexible wedding venues in Yorkshire, book a tour and let us show you what’s on offer.

Making dreams come true

By choosing Lineham Farm as your private wedding venue, you’re supporting our fantastic charity. So not only will your dream day be exactly the way you want it, you’ll also be helping disadvantaged children make unforgettable memories too.

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