Out on the Farm Site...

The Farm

Our 17th Century Farm Buildings

The Farm was converted to an outdoor children’s centre in 1993 and is equipped to offer an amazing experience for young people to learn outside the classroom.

Outdoor Low Ropes Course and Archery Range

The children work in pairs to support each other on the Low Ropes elements.  The final challenge involves them working as a team to swing over and balance on an ever decreasing sized platform! We now have an outdoor archery range with shelter in this area.

Sensory and Vegetable Garden

This is a peaceful part of the farm where children can listen to and watch the birds feeding, examine the pond life and smell the herbs in the flower beds. We grow various vegetables and fruit in the garden so there is often a chance for them to taste food and learn about how it grows.  We have a demonstration bee hive and love to teach the children about the importance of bees in food production.

Animal Enclosures

Our feathered and furry residents live in various paddocks and barns around the main building.

Woodlands, Wetlands and Fields

The Farm is surrounded by fields, woods, wetlands which provide habitats for many different kinds of wildlife. We frequently find evidence of this wildlife – owl pellets, nibbled nuts, droppings and footprints.  Now that we have a trail camera we can see just who is lurking around when the farm is quiet.  Recently we have captured video of foxes, deer and a badger, along with the more common squirrels, rabbits and birds.

Many of our activities are based in the wider farm site – nature trekking, cycling, orienteering, pond dipping, country walks, nightline assault course, bush craft and den building.  We have various magical places where larger groups can meet up for a campfire experience.