Alternative wedding food ideas

The food is one of the most important considerations of a wedding – and a significant expense. You want people to enjoy a delicious meal, but there is a reality to what’s realistic when feeding large numbers of people. Under no circumstances do you want people to go hungry!

Many couples choose to pass over the traditional sit-down meal in favour of alternative wedding food ideas. Alternative food options are memorable and often more satisfying than meat and two veg. Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen couples choose for their wedding days.

See these 15 alternative wedding food ideas:


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Who doesn’t love pizza? Woodfired pizza is a simple way of serving quality, delicious food that fills you up. Many couples choose to have a pizza van, or you could hire pizza ovens and do it yourself. Give guests the option to choose their toppings – you could even give each pizza a themed name!

summer salad spread


There’s nothing better than BBQ in the sunshine. Grilling is a great way of serving lots of people, with a relaxed set up where people pick their favourite meat or veggie option. If you’re planning on barbequing, make sure there’s an indoor kitchen ready in case the weather turns.

platter of food wedding spread


The trend for showstopping food platters has seen couples choose Roman-style banquet tables overflowing with luxurious foods for their wedding brunch or dinner. An array of platters not only looks spectacular, but enables you to cater for everyone with minimal serving and prep.


Street food

There’s no faster way to deliver bags of flavour within minimal fuss than with a street food van. Whatever your favourite cuisine is, it’s easy to share it with everyone with street food. Many vendors will work with you to design a menu right for your wedding party.



Serving mezze platters as your main meal is a tasty and relaxed way to share Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Mezze is delicious and allows people to eat exactly how much they fancy. Many mezze dishes can be enjoyed cold, making it easy to prepare and serve a large meal.

Small plates

Like mezze-style dishes, small plates enable you to provide lots of different tasty morsels for people to try at their leisure. People love to taste lots of new things, and small plates allow you to serve lots of courses in a more relaxed fashion.

Tasty pulled hamburger with chips

Hog roast

A traditional hog roast is a crowd pleaser and an easy way to fill people up with delicious food. With plenty of tasty accompaniments, you’ll have enough food for people to go back and help themselves throughout the day, making sure no one goes hungry.

traditional British fish and chips with potato and lemon

Fish and chips

Chippy tea is a British classic that goes down well with a crowd and can be served easily from a food van. If you’re worried about people not being full enough, why not serve chip butties in the evening? It will nicely line everyone’s stomachs for the frivolities later.

Afternoon Tea Service. Traditional English Luxury

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a perfect accompaniment to a celebratory glass of fizz. With mini quiches, pies, tartlets and sandwiches, there’s no reason afternoon tea can’t be served as an elegant evening meal. Serve it on beautiful cake stands for a showstopping spread.

outdoor picnic picnic, nature in the garden


When the weather is warm, there’s nothing better than sharing a meal with loved ones amongst the grass and summer flowers. Serving a picnic at a wedding is a beautifully relaxed way to encourage guests to fill their boots while catching up in comfortable surroundings.

Outdoors buffet


The traditional wedding buffet can get a bad rep – but who doesn’t love a well-prepared buffet spread? You could put your own spin on it, theming it around your favourite cuisine and surprising your guests with lots of different tasty bites to try.

cheese board


A cheese board isn’t just for Christmas! Many couples choose a cheese tower over a wedding cake, and a beautifully prepared cheese table can be even better. Fill it with fruits, crackers, and lots of local condiments for a showstopping table that will keep people coming back for more.



Perfect for feedings large groups of people, a traditional paella is delicious, filling and easy to serve. You could opt for a few different styles, with seafood, meat, and vegetarian options. Serve with crusty bread and salad for a delicious sit-down meal.



Serving a selection of pasta dishes, along with salad and bread, is a beautiful way to feed large groups with traditional Italian classics. Many dishes, such as lasagne and ragu, can be prepared earlier, meaning there’s not a mad rush when it comes to service time.

burger sliders


Burgers and chips are a family favourite, and sliders allow people to fill up on a few different options. Chicken, pulled pork, beef patties, halloumi – there are so many options. Team them with loaded fries for an indulgent and satisfying meal.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these alternative wedding food ideas and they have given you plenty of food for thought. Are you planning a wedding in Yorkshire?

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