Terms & Conditions for Weddings at Lineham Farm

1. Introduction

1.1 The Terms and Conditions (Terms) detailed below apply to the wedding you have booked at Lineham Farm, Swan Lane, Eccup, Leeds LS16 8AZ. The booking is for the hire of the premises and grounds (the Venue), and includes any equipment (Equipment) made available by us to you, any services we agree to provide for your event (services) and any hire of accommodation we agree (accommodation) all to together, comprising the Event Package.
1.2 Please read these Terms carefully and make sure that you understand them before booking with us. You should retain a copy for future reference.
1.3 These Terms and Conditions form the agreement between LCCLF Trading Ltd, and you, for a specific booking. They state responsibilities, services and expectations during the period of hire for both parties

2. Information about us

2.1 Your booking is being made through LCCLF Trading Limited. LCCLF Trading Limited is a private company (company number 12049172), whose registered office is at Lineham Farm Children’s Centre, Swan Lane, Eccup, Leeds, LS16 8AZ.
2.3 If you wish to contact us for any reason please do so by post to the above address; by
telephoning us on 0113 – 3783939 or by emailing us at amanda@linehanfarm.co.uk.

3. Lineham Farm venue

3.1 The Facility – The main farmhouse, the courtyard cottage, the farmer’s cottage.
3.2 The Ancillary Areas – Main Courtyard, stables area, patio, orienteering circle, woodlands, Licensed Outdoor Pergola and seating area, Wet land Pergola.
3.3 Event Field – for outside structures – Marquees, Tipis, Yurts etc

4. Your Event Package

4.1 Once we have discussed your requirements, we will provide you with a quote. This will set out details of your Event Package requirements and our charges for the various elements you have asked for, (the “Quotation”). Certain details of your Event Package (for example, any extras and equipment you require) will be finalised with you in the period leading up to the Hire Period (as defined in clause 4.3).

4.2 Where we have agreed to provide over-night accommodation at the Venue as part of your Event package, details in respect of such Accommodation hire will be set out in the Quotation.
4.3 The “Hire Period” is the period for which you require to hire of the Venue; this will be set out in the Quotation. The Venue will be hired exclusively to you for the Hire Period. This means that we will not have another party or other function booked at the Venue at the same time as you from Friday at 3 p.m. until Sunday at 1 p.m. From time to time, we do have staff on site to care for the animals – when they are on site, they will not interfere with your event.
4.4 The hire of the Venue and associated Hire Fee is based on the exclusive hire of the Venue. We ask you at the time of booking to provide us with an estimated number of guests as an indication only. Any references we make to a maximum number of guests permitted at the Venue is provided by way of estimate only and is not guaranteed; we reserve the right to increase or decrease the maximum number of guests permitted at the Venue at our discretion in order to comply with any relevant health and safety laws, regulations or guidance as applicable from time to time.
4.5 We will provide you with a list of our preferred caterers. The Venue includes a catering
standard kitchen space for your chosen caterer.
4.6 In line with the general kitchen rules, you are allowed to use the kitchen on Friday evening. But the kitchen and dining room area must be available for use by the agreed caterer from 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. If you wish, you may speak to the caterer about cooking your breakfast on Saturday morning, but there will be an extra charge for this.
4.7 Our preferred caterers are chosen because they have proven to be the most professional and provide the best quality food along with exceptional staff. They have an in-depth knowledge of Lineham Farm the venue and the kitchen. Please liaise with the caterers for questions regarding catering requirements.
4.8 If you wish to use your own wedding cater, this is allowed. If you wish to do this, please
speak to a member of our team.
4.9 The wedding party must ensure that the kitchen, equipment, ovens, dishwasher and all
refrigerated units are looked after properly and used properly during the hire period. No oil, grease or fat must be poured down our sinks or drains, but taken away at the end of the event.
4.10 Please note that all food, beverages and wedding items, decorations and the like brought to Lineham Farm must be disposed of before your group leaves. For this purpose, we will book a skip – this will arrive on Friday and be collected up on the Monday following your event. A member of staff will show you the location of the skip.
4.11 We ask for a bond of £1,000 which will be transferred into our account before the wedding date, this will be returned to you the week after your wedding after an inspection by a member of the Lineham Farm team and the wedding couple.

4.12 You are strongly advised to take out insurance cover. Insurance can cover noneappearance of entertainment, damage to property etc. at or to the venue or its contents, third party bodily insurance and third-party damage. As discussed, LCCLF Trading Ltd does not accept liability for these. We cannot advise you which insurance company you should use.

5. Bar and Bar Staff

5.1 As part of your Event Package we will provide a list of preferred bar companies, these are chosen because of their professionalism and knowledge of the venue. Any drinks packages required by you for your event will be provided by your chosen bar company. Unless otherwise agreed, only alcohol supplied by the bar may be consumed at the Venue when the wedding is underway from Saturday. However, as discussed, you can choose your own bar company. Please note, you are not allowed to run your own bar.
5.2 It is the responsibility of the chosen bar company to apply for the temporary events notice.
5.3 We do permit guests to bring alcohol for consumption on Friday night only.
5.4 Any guests found to be consuming alcohol on Saturday (during the wedding) that has not been purchased from the bar at Lineham Farm will be asked to leave the venue immediately. The personal license holder running the bar will ensure that guests are adhering to this rule. They have the authority to speak to the guests and give them a warning if they are not. The client and bar will observe the permitted hours for buying and selling intoxicating liquors as advised by Lineham Farm. It is important that you inform your guests of this.
5.5 If evidence of empty bottles (on site) indicates that these conditions have been breached we may levy a charge.

6. Lineham Farm staffing

6.1 Lineham Farm do not provide staffing to support the catering or the bar at your wedding. We do provide staff to set the venue up prior to your arrival in terms of tables and chairs, and to clean before and after your wedding. Our staff will ensure that room turnarounds on your day happen quickly and smoothly and will be responsible for having extra staff for that purpose. There will also be someone on car parking and to signpost your guests on arrival.
6.2 From 8 p.m. a member of security staff (2, depending on guest numbers) will be at the

6.3 Whilst the team will do all they can to support your wedding, they are not to be regarded as ‘Wedding Coordinators’. That is a very specific role, and it is one that the staff team cannot provide. Should you wish to appoint such a person, we do have wedding coordinators that we can recommend – please speak to us about this if you wish.

7. Accommodation Hire

7.1 The images of the Venue, Accommodation, and the Equipment on our website and in our brochures and literature are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the Venue, Accommodation, and the Equipment accurately, we cannot guarantee that those images accurately reflect the precise nature and appearance of the Venue, Accommodation, and the Equipment and they may vary slightly from those images at any one time.
7.2 A member of the Lineham Team will be here when you arrive to do a hand over of the
premises. The purpose of this is to help you prepare, as agreed, for your wedding. In addition, and in support of the information provided in the wedding guide, they will go through the use of equipment and also some safety procedures that you need to be aware of.
7.3 On Sunday, a member of the team will visit the centre and do a hand back. This will involve a full centre check to make sure that the centre is clean and tidy but also to identify any areas of damage or where extra work will be needed in order to make the centre useable for the group who will be arriving on the Monday, following your event. Your bond of £1,000 (see note 4.8 for selfcatering) will be refunded following a full check of the centre. Photographs will be taken of anything identified that might reduce the amount of bond returned to you. If the centre is not vacated as agreed, a charge will be levied to cover the extra hours for cleaning staff.
7.4 If you opt to use the Accommodation as part of the Event Package, the following additional terms will apply:
7.4.1 You must complete / sign, prior to your arrival, the Wedding welcome guide and comply with any additional terms and conditions stipulated therein; and
7.4.2 You must specify, prior to your arrival, how many guests will be staying overnight at the Accommodation.
7.4.3 Once this number has been agreed, you must not increase this number. You may not make a charge to your guests for accommodation. If you do either of these things, the insurance that we have for the centre will be invalidated. This means that liabilities, should these additional guests cause any damage, will shift to you. Also, if a charge is made by you, you are in effect changing the terms and conditions of this agreement.

7.4.4 Camping out in the woods overnight is not an option for any of your guests.

8. Weddings – Registrar / Celebrant

8.1 It is your responsibility to book the registrar / celebrant for your wedding ceremony and to make sure that the date and time you want is available. We recommend that you confirm the availability of Leeds City Council registrars on your chosen date and time before entering into a Contract with us.

9. How a Contract is Formed Between You and Us

9.1 Our Quotation is not an offer to provide an Event Package to you, it is an invitation for you to place an order with us to provide an Event Package. If you wish to place an order for an Event Package, you will need to sign the Quotation and return it to: Events Manager, Lineham Farm, Swan Lane, Eccup LS16 8AZ or by email to amanda@linehamfarm.co.uk and pay the Deposit as stated on the Quotation. Once done, we will confirm to you in writing that we are able to provide you with your Event Package, at which point, a Contract will come into existence between you and us. We reserve the right to reject your order.
9.2 In order to protect us against non-payment or fraud, we may undertake a credit reference check for either party. We will only do this where it would be in our legitimate interest to do so. We reserve the right to instruct a third party to complete these checks on our behalf.
9.3 If for any reason we do not accept your order (for example, because the Venue is no longer available on the dates requested or because the credit reference, we have obtained for you does not meet our minimum requirements) we will inform you of this and we will not process your order. If you have already paid a Deposit in respect of the Event Package the subject of that order, we will refund you the full amount without undue delay.
9.4 We may agree to let you make a provisional booking, but this is not legally binding on either you or us unless and until a Contract is entered into in accordance with clause 4. Any Quotation we provide for your Event Package is valid for a period of one month only from its date, provided that we have not previously withdrawn it, and is at all times subject to availability of the Venue. We may reject an order for reasons including (but not limited to) the Quotation being incomplete, or having been altered by you.
9.5 The terms of the Contract between us, and any discussions we have in relation to the
Contract, shall be treated as confidential (“Confidential Information”) and you shall not disclose any such Confidential Information to any third party, other than to your third-party event suppliers or advisors who have a need to know such information, or as may be required by law or any official authority.

10. your Rights to Make Changes

10.1 If you wish to make a change to the Event Package you have ordered please contact us. We will let you know if the change is possible. If it is possible, we will let you know about any resulting changes to the Hire Fee or other costs, the timing of supply or performance, or anything else which would be necessary as a result of your requested change and ask you to confirm whether you wish to go ahead with the change. Any such change must be agreed in writing between the parties, and unless otherwise agreed or stated in the Quotation, you will pay any additional fee at such time as we agree to the relevant change.

11. Our Right to Make Changes

11.1 When you order your Event Package, the Terms in force at the time of your order will apply to the relevant Contract between you and us.
11.2 We may revise these Terms as they apply to any Contract between us from time to time to reflect any changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements and to implement minor technical adjustments and improvements (such as minor changes to the Venue or Accommodation to improve safety features). These changes should not detrimentally affect your overall event experience. If they do, we will inform you as soon as we can.

12. Cancellation – Please note.

12.1 If you wish to end the Contract before it is completed please contact us to let us know.
12.2. The Contract will end immediately. You will not receive a refund of the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee paid in such circumstances.
12.3 In the case of you cancelling the Contract less than six months prior to the start of the Hire Period, no monies paid up to the date of cancellation will be refunded.
12.4 In the case of you cancelling the Contract six to twelve months prior to the start of the Hire Period, we will refund 50% of any other sums paid by you pursuant to the Contract up to the date of cancellation, save that we may deduct or charge you reasonable compensation for the net costs we will incur as a result of your ending of the Contract where such costs are in excess of 50% of the sums paid by you.
12.5 In the event of you cancelling the Contract more than twelve months prior to the start of the Hire Period, we will fully refund any sums paid by you pursuant to the Contract (excluding the NonRefundable Reservation Fee), save that we may deduct or charge you reasonable compensation for the net costs we will incur as a result of your ending of the Contract where such costs are in excess of the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee paid by you.

12.6 To end the Contract with us, please let us know by writing to us at Events Manager,
Lineham Farm, Swan Lane, Eccup Leeds LS16 8AZ or by emailing us at amanda@linehamfarm.co.uk. Please provide your name, home address, details of the order and, where available, your phone number and email address. In order for your notice ending the contract to be valid it will need to be signed by both you / your partner and us (where relevant).
12.7 If you end the Contract and are due any refund pursuant to Clause 12.1, we will refund you by the method you used for payment.
12.8 We are under a duty to perform our services with reasonable skill and care. Nothing in these Terms will affect your legal rights. Advice about your legal rights is available from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office.

13. Our Right to End the Contract

13.1 We may end the Contract at any time by making contact with you, if:
13.1.1 You do not make any payment to us when it is due, and you still do not make payment within seven days of us reminding you that payment is due: or
13.1.2 You have deliberately concealed information or provided us with misleading or incorrect information about your event plans in circumstances where (if you had not done so) it would have been reasonably foreseeable that we would not have accepted your order.
13.2 If we end the Contract in any of these situations, you will not receive a refund of any Non-Refundable Reservation Fee paid. We will refund any other sums paid by you pursuant to the Contract, save that we may deduct or charge you reasonable compensation for the net costs we will incur as a result of your ending of the Contract where such costs are in excess of the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee paid by you.

14. Event Package Fee, Non-Refundable Reservation Fee and Deposit

14.1 Upon submitting your order, you must pay the deposit as set out in the Quotation
(“Deposit”). The Deposit includes a non-refundable reservation fee, which is the amount equal to 20% of the total Hire Fee (Non-Refundable Reservation Fee). If we do not accept your order the Deposit will be returned to you.
14.2 The fee for your Event Package (Hire Fee) will be as set out in the Quotation. You shall pay the Hire Fee in accordance with the payment schedule set out in the Quotation. We take all reasonable care to ensure that any prices quoted by us are correct at the time when the relevant information is entered onto the system.
14.3 Our hire prices and service charges may change from time to time, but any changes will not affect any order you have already placed.

14.4 The Hire Fee includes VAT (where applicable) at the applicable current rate chargeable in the UK. If the rate of VAT changes between the date of your order and the Hire Period, we will adjust the amount of VAT that you pay to the revised amount unless you have already paid the Hire Fee in full before the change in rate of VAT takes effect.
14.5 It is always possible that, despite our efforts, some of the hire prices and service charges on our website and in our brochures and literature may be incorrectly priced. We will normally check hire prices and service charges before issuing a Quotation. In the event that we discover an error in the hire price of the Venue, Accommodation, or the service charges for the Services you have ordered (including but not limited to where the pricing error is obvious and unmistakable and could have reasonably been recognised by you as a mispricing) we will contact you to inform you of the error and will give you the option of continuing with your order at the correct price or cancelling your order. We will not process your order until we have your instructions. If we are unable to contact you using the contact details you provided during the order process, we will treat the order as cancelled and notify you in writing.
14.6 If the cost of any additional services / equipment specified in the Quotation increases
between the date of the Quotation and the date of the event due to any factor beyond our control (for example, foreign exchange fluctuations or increases in taxes and duties) we may increase the price of the additional Services / Equipment to reflect that increase. You will have the option of cancelling the relevant additional Services / Equipment the subject of the cost increase, however you will be responsible for and we will charge you for any third-party charges we have already incurred or will incur in respect of those additional Services / Equipment where we are unable to obtain a refund from the relevant third party.
14.7 You will be required to pay the Hire Fee and any other agreed costs in accordance with the payment provisions set out in the Quotation. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, or by bank transfer to the bank account nominated in writing by us during the order process.
14.8 If you do not make any payment to us by the payment’s due date, we may charge interest to you on the overdue amount at the rate of 4% above the base lending rate of Barclays Bank from time to time. The interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until the date of actual payment of the overdue amount, whether before or after judgment. You must pay us interest together with any overdue amount.

15. Your Responsibilities

15.1 During the Hire Period you shall, and you shall procure that your guests and any third-party contractors engaged by you, shall:

15.1.1 Ensure that the Venue is used only: –
(a) for the purposes for which it is designed as detailed on our website and in our brochures and literature; and
(b) in accordance with these Terms and any instructions provided by us.
15.1.2 Keep the Equipment at all times at the Venue and you shall not move or attempt to move any part of the Equipment to any other location without our prior written consent.
15.1.3 not use the Venue, Accommodation, or the Equipment for any unlawful purpose.
15.1.4 comply with all regulations, notices and instructions concerning licensing, fire, health and safety as are notified to you; and
15.1.5 not use any hazardous or dangerous items (such as fireworks, sparklers and Chinese
15.2 You shall provide your guests and any third-party contractors engaged by you with such information as we may reasonably require regarding arrangements to be followed at the Venue (for example, in relation to car parking and use of the facilities at the Venue).
15.3 Unless stated otherwise (e.g., in your Quotation), any third-party contractors engaged by you must be approved by us in advance. This includes (but is not limited to) any third parties providing any music or entertainment services or activities. Any third-party contractor who does not meet our requirements (for example, logistical, legal and safety requirements) will not be approved. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to, or remove from, the Venue any third-party contractor who has been engaged by you without our prior written approval where such approval is required.
15.4 Where you engage any third-party contractor(s) in connection with your Event Package (including any in respect of whom our approval is not required):
15.4.1 You are responsible for ensuring that each such third-party contractor undertakes
appropriate risk assessments and obtains suitable insurance for all goods and services it provides (including, but not limited, appropriate public liability insurance) and for ensuring that each such third-party contractor has all relevant approvals, consents and licences which are required by that third party contractor in connection with all goods and services it provides. You shall provide evidence of compliance to us on request; and
15.4.2 We accept no responsibility for the supply of any goods, or the performance of any services provided by that third-party contractor engaged by you and you should take up any complaints in respect of such goods and services with them directly.

15.5 We reserve the right to stop any activity at the Venue or otherwise conducted in relation to the Event Package which we reasonably believe is likely to cause any damage to the Venue or any Equipment or which causes a health and safety risk or is a breach of this Contract.
15.6 All music and entertainment must finish by 12 midnight and the premises must be vacated by guests who are not staying overnight quietly with due consideration given to neighbouring properties by 12.30 a.m. This applies unless you have agreed with us to extend the event finish Time to 1am (at a cost of £500) in which case the premises must be vacated by 1:30 a.m.
15.7 You are responsible: (i) for ensuring that you, your guests and any third-party contractors engaged by you take care of all property and valuables which are brought into the Venue. (ii) that any such property and valuables are removed from the Venue before the end of the Hire Period; and (iii) for taking appropriate security precautions and having appropriate insurance in place in relation to your Event Package.
15.8 You shall ensure that the Venue, Accommodation, and all Equipment is returned to us
clean and dry and in the same condition in which it was provided to you. You will have provided a bond.
15.9 We reserve the right to charge you our reasonable costs of cleaning the Venue and/or
Accommodation, and / or the relevant Equipment where the Venue and / or Accommodation and / or the relevant Equipment requires excessive cleaning by us or a third party; and
15.9.1 You are liable to pay us any reasonable costs we incur as a result of any and all loss or damage which you, your guests or any third-party contractor engaged by you cause to the Venue and / or Accommodation, and / or the Equipment and for the disposal of any items left at the Venue, save that you shall not be liable where any damage caused is due to a design fault or due to fair wear and tear.
15.9.2 Where you are liable for any costs, we will notify you of such costs (the “Charges”) within 14 days following the end of the Hire Period. We will retain the sum of such Charges from your damage deposit (payable in accordance with the terms set out in the Order), and will invoice you for any Charges in excess of the damage deposit retained. You will pay any invoice issued pursuant to this clause 13 in full within 30 days of the date of the invoice.
15.10 Subject to us acting reasonably at all times, and without affecting any other rights or
remedies that we may have against you under contract or in law, we may refuse entrance to the Venue or remove from the Venue any person (including but not limited to any guest or third-party contractor):

15.10.1 Whose actions or behaviour affects the enjoyment and/or safety of other guests or staff.
15.10.2 Who causes a nuisance to other guests or staff at Lineham Farm
15.10.2 Who uses violent, aggressive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or insulting words or behaviour.
15.10.3 Who has damaged or defaced any part of the Venue or Accommodation; and/or
15.10.4 Found in possession of a prohibited item, which includes alcohol (other than purchased from the bar at the Venue and unless otherwise agreed), knives, weapons, fireworks, illegal substances, and any other items that may be offensive or dangerous.
15.11 We reserve the right to require private security to be engaged at the Venue on the date of your event, the cost of which will be built into the Hire Fee. Any such private security will be arranged by us. Guest must follow any reasonable instructions give.

16. Our Liability

16.1 If we fail to comply with these Terms, we are responsible for any loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breach of these Terms or our negligence, but we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is an obvious consequence of our breach or if it was contemplated by you and us at the time we entered into the relevant Contract. You and your guest are agreeing to use the centre in line with these conditions. If you or your guests do anything that falls outside these conditions, or the instructions in the wedding guide, the risk is yours and theirs.
16.2 You agree not to use the Venue, Accommodation, or any of the Equipment for any
commercial or business purpose. We have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunity.
16.3 Any breach of the terms implied by sections 13 to 15 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or
sections 9 to 11 and 13 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (description, satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and samples).
16.3.1 Defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987; or
16.3.2 Any other matter in respect of which we cannot exclude or limit our liability by law.
16.4 You are responsible for assessing the Venue, Accommodation, and the Equipment for
suitability and for ensuring that any information which you provide us with is correct. We shall not be liable for any losses or damage suffered by you where the Venue, Accommodation, or the Equipment is not suitable for your purposes as a result of your failure to carry out an assessment of or, where necessary, make enquiries of the Venue, Accommodation, or the Equipment, or for incorrect or inadequate information provided by you or any failure by you to provide relevant information.
16.5 You will be responsible for all of your own personal possessions and any equipment you supply for your event and bring into the Venue or Accommodation. We will not be responsible for storage or disposal of any items before, during and after your event (*times as set out in your contract) or for any loss of any such personal possessions and equipment. You will have 7 days to collect any items found to be in Lost Property after your event. After this time, we cannot be responsible for keeping them.
16.6 You and your guests are using the centre

17. Maintenance and remedial works

17.1 Lineham farm is a working farm. The Charity who leases the farm, Leeds Children’s
Charity at Lineham Farm, reserve the right to undertake refurbishment projects, restoration works and everyday maintenance on the property as required as an evolving project, requiring long term restoration and refurbishment for the foreseeable future. We never undertake projects of any description unless confident the enjoyment of guests will not be compromised. LCCLF will make every effort to ensure any restoration, refurbishment or maintenance does not visually impair the property and affect entrances and exits to Lineham Farm. When projects are undertaken, works will be appropriately screened to ensure minimal impact to the event.

18. Events Outside Our Control

18.1 An “Event Outside Our Control” means any act or event beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, acts of government, postal delays, protests, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, national emergency, inclement weather, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, or other natural disaster, pandemic, epidemic or outbreak of any contagious or infectious disease or virus, failure of public or private telecommunications networks, or impossibility of the use of railways, non-performance by suppliers or subcontractors, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or
private transport.
18.2 Subject to clause 18 if there is an Event Outside Our Control, or if we reasonably anticipate that there will be an Event Outside Our Control which will delay, or is likely to delay, our performance of the Contract then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay. We will not be liable for delays caused by the Event Outside Our Control or the anticipated Event Outside Our Control.
18.3 If there is an Event Outside Our Control, or if we reasonably anticipate that there will be an Event Outside Our Control which will result, or is likely to result, in us being unable to supply the Venue, Accommodation, and/or the Equipment for use during the Hire Period then we will discuss with you the possibility of moving the Hire Period to an alternative date (e.g., a date after any Event Outside Our Control ends or is anticipated to end).
18.4 Each party shall act in good faith when discussing alternative dates offered and shall use reasonable efforts to agree to any such alternative date offered by us. This is subject at all times to the availability of the Venue (and Accommodation where relevant), and if we are unable to offer you an alternative Hire Period you or we may end the Contract with immediate effect. We will not be liable for any losses you suffer if you or we end the Contract pursuant to this clause
18.5, and the terms of clause 12 shall apply to the cancellation.

19. Use of Personal Data

19.1 We will process your personal data for the purpose of us performing our obligations under the Contract, contacting you in relation to your order and Events Package, and in some cases to obtain a credit reference for you in accordance with clause 9.3
19.2 We will only use your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is
available on our Website. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for full details of how we use your personal data, and your rights in relation to it.

19.3 Data protection

19.2 LCCLF Trading Ltd understands that you have shared a good deal of personal information with us. This is necessary so that when our accounts are audited, we have a clear audit trail so that VAT and other tax issues can be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as is possible.
19.3 LCCLF Trading Ltd will not hold or collect any information on your guests. That is your responsibility.
19.4 LCCLF Trading Ltd has a comprehensive policy statement on data protection. This can be seen by visiting our web site.
19.5 This statement provides information on how long we will store the information that we collected and how we will use it. For your information.
• LCCLF Trading Ltd will not automatically place your details onto any contact / mailing list.
• LCCLF Trading Ltd will not share your data with any third party (except in the case of a
lawful request, i.e., financial or similar legal request).
• LCCLF Trading Ltd will retain the information given about your booking for a period of six years. Once this time has elapsed, all records will be deleted.

20. Other Important Terms

20.1 Each person who has signed the Quotation is jointly and severally liable for the whole of the Hire Fee due. This means that the Contract applies to all of you together and each of you on your own, and that each person has an individual responsibility to ensure that the Hire Fee are paid to us
20.2 When we refer, in these Terms, to “in writing”, this will include e-mail.
20.3 We may transfer our rights and obligations under any contract to any third party, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these Terms.
20.4 You may only transfer your rights or your obligations under a contract to another person if we agree in writing.
20.5 Each contract is between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce the terms of any contract.
20.6 Each of the clauses set out in these Terms operates separately. If any court or relevant
authority decides that

As the Responsible Person for the Wedding booked at Lineham Farm I have read the above Terms and Conditions and I have also read the Wedding Welcome Pack. I will abide by the terms set out in both of these documents during the period of hire.
• I will speak to the group about the safety and other procedures that they need to be aware of
• I am happy with the information I have been given and have no further questions now. If I have, I will contact the team at Lineham Farm

To download a PDF of these T&Cs please click here.

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