Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm

Since 1904, we have been providing unforgettable breaks for underprivileged, vulnerable and disadvantaged children. These respite breaks allow children to create happy childhood memories and gives them the opportunity to experience new things, learn new skills, and make new friends.


Leeds Children’s Charity was founded in 1904 under the name Leeds Poor Children’s Holiday Camp Association. It was rebranded as Leeds Children’s Charity in 2010. Up until 2016, Leeds Children’s Charity provided respite breaks at their Silverdale site.

Meanwhile, in 1993, Lineham Farm was turned into an outdoor children’s centre and was supported by a team of volunteers. With a range of activities and equipment on offer, Lineham Farm was established as one of the best outdoor activity centres in the UK.

After selling their Silverdale site in 2016, Leeds Children’s Charity began using Lineham Farm for their unforgettable breaks. Shortly afterwards, merger discussions began, and in 2020, the two charities became one – Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm.

The work we do

Family holidays, playing with friends, exploring outdoors, riding a bike, hot meals, a bed to sleep in – things that so many of us took for granted as children.

Unfortunately, not every child gets to experience these things. Many children live in poverty, have difficult, sometimes abusive home lives, or are carers for parents or close relatives. These are the children that we support.

We work closely with schools and social workers to provide these children with a much-needed break at Lineham Farm. This could be a day or a week. During that time, they are encouraged to explore, learn, play and have fun.

For some children, their time with us is the first time they’ve had a warm bed to sleep in, the first time they’ve had any kind of holiday, the first time they’ve had toys to play with. For all of them, it’s a chance to make special memories, try new things and feel the way a child should – safe.

The difference we make

94% of the young people who attended the centre said they had learnt that helping others was a good and a nice thing to do.

That’s just one of the statistics that shows the impact we have on the young people we work with. Those children are going back to their parents, their schools and their communities with new knowledge that will help them make better decisions.

The skills and experiences they get during their time with us benefit them, but also the wider community too.

How you can support us

There are plenty of reasons to choose Lineham Farm as your wedding venue, but supporting our charity is probably the best one. All money raised from venue hire goes to local children who need our help.

Of course, you can support us in other ways too. You can make a monthly donation, organise fundraising events and raise awareness of the work we do.

Making dreams come true

By choosing Lineham Farm as your private wedding venue, you’re supporting our fantastic charity. So not only will your dream day be exactly the way you want it, you’ll also be helping disadvantaged children make unforgettable memories too.

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